How To Buy A Tote Bag For Travelling?

Anyone who travels frequently knows the value of a good tote bag.

A good roomy tote bag is perfect for all your essentials. It is one of the most essential travel items you own and the best totes are versatile and have room for literally everything! You can easily toss in your wallet, keys, sunglasses, scarf and even snack! You simply just grab it and go. So girls, find below the perfect curation:

1. The luxurious splurge kind of a bag: Dior Book Tote

If you want to go all out in getting the beautiful and luxurious tote, the Dior Book Tote is a great option. It’s very spacious and is absolutely delicious looking. It comes in a variety of sizes and colours, so you can easily pick what suits you. 

2. The Budget Friendly kind: Aldo 

In case you want to buy a tote which doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket, Aldo is a good choice. It offers aesthetically good looking bags which are durable as well. So you can easily use it for travelling or for your business meeting. Serves the purpose. 

3. The Classic: Longchamp Le Pliage Tote

No bag beats the classic Longchamp Le Pliage which has formed a cult on its own. You have a variety of colours to choose from ranging from my personal favourite red to a classic black. It’s made of nylon making it water resistant, so nothing can stop you from hopping boutique to boutique. 

4. The Faux Kind: Streetlevel Reversible Tote 

For those who prefer animal friendly and vegan bags, Overbrooke large vegan tote is a good choice. This large and reversible tote bag is made for everyday use. It comes with a hidden wristlet to stash smaller items. And the best part, the bag is made of lustrous leather even though its completely vegan! 

5. Beach bum: Pucci Basket Tote Bag

Travelling to a beach and want to complete the look? Well, this Emilio Pucci bag is perfect for a seamless transition from Terminal to sea! The fully strawed bag boasts of leather handles and the inside lining and is spacious enough for all your belongings. 

How do I choose the right tote?

  • Talk to Your Hoes: Reach out to your most stylish girlfriends. Ask them what they’re carrying or maybe even stalk a few people on Instagram for inspiration.
  • Think Long-Term: Don’t make an impulsive buy. Rather, think about your wardrobe and evaluate how this new addition will fit in. Its usually best to stick to neutral solid colours like blue, black, brown or beige.
  • Loosen the purse strings: Save up for the bag you really want. It will pay you back with years of service.

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