How To Hang Christmas Stockings? Even If You Don’t Have A Mantle

The tradition of hanging Christmas stocking has been around for centuries. Legend has it that when Santa comes to your house, stocking makes it easier for him to leave our well deserved treats and gifts. For someone who’s main holiday isn’t Christmas, I’m quite obsessed with personalised Christmas stockings. Christmas is all about traditions, no matter how old you are or where you’re from. So you can prepare yourself hot chocolate and decorate the house, host an elegant Christmas dinner and its never too much!

Christmas Stockings
Christmas stocking at the fireplace

So we all know that traditionally a Christmas stocking is hung at the mantle. However, if you don’t have a mantle, don’t worry, its not a difficult task anymore. All it takes is a little bit of creativity (and some tricks) to find that perfect place for your stockings.

1. Hang the Christmas stockings on a tree branch

Christmas Stockings
Christmas stocking on a tree brand

Create a floating wooden tree branch and festive decor on it. You can decorate it with pine cones of if you like minimalistic decor, a bare branch will do too!

2. Hang the Christmas stocking at the bed headboard

Christmas Stockings
Christmas stocking at the bed headboard

This is a very cute idea for hanging your Christmas stockings specially if you have kids. Usually when they wake up on Christmas morning, the first thing they do is run to the parents. So why not start the festivities by watching them open their Christmas presents from the comfort of your bed? And of course, you can hang it up on their bed too so they wake up with a big smile!

3. Hang the Christmas Stocking on handrail of the staircase

Christmas Stockings
Christmas stocking at the staircase

Staircase handrails serve as a great spot to create point for decor in your home. Additionally its also a great place to hang Christmas stockings! You can add some garlands and LED lights to make it look even more festive.

4. Wooden ladder for a traditional look

Christmas Stockings
Christmas stocking on a ladder

Using an old ladder is one of the most popular alternative for hanging Christmas stockings. Its stable for creating a rustic look and works well with traditional and contemporary style. Additionally it gives you the ease of displaying it simply anywhere in the house.

5. Hang Christmas stocking as window decoration

Christmas Stockings
Christmas stocking as window decor

Have a curtain rod in front of the windows? If the answer is yes, all you need is a small ribbon to explore the stockings and you are done! Yay!

6. Hang them on bookshelf

Christmas Stockings
Christmas stocking on a bookshelf

Hang Christmas stockings on a bookshelf (or any shelf for that matter) in the hallway or living room. You can also hang it on a TV stand but it really creates a warm and magical atmosphere among the books. Cute right?

7. Use coat rack to hang Christmas stockings

Christmas Stockings
Christmas stocking on a coat rack

A coat rack is made to hang many things, so why not use it to hang your Christmas stockings? Additionally, if you’re having a space crunch, you can totally use this space for Christmas decor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is traditionally in a Christmas stocking?

A Christmas stocking is usually an empty sock shaped bag that is hung on Christmas Eve to be filled for Christmas morning. Traditionally they are filled with small gifts, sweets and toys for kids.

Why do we have Christmas stockings?

So legend has it, Saint Nicholas put gold coins in the socks of three poor sisters while they had left their socks for drying at the chimney. Since then, people have put up stockings hoping theirs would be filled with gifts too.

How many things should go in a stocking?

A question lot of us wonder about. Well, ideally I would say $25 worth things should be good enough. It may seem less to some people, however, when you’re gifting a family of five, you’re spending an extra $125 just on stockings.

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