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9 Luxury Jewellers For Engagement Ring

For the engagement ring of her dreams.

You’ve found the one and now you want to seal the deal. Thinking of planning a surprise proposal for her? Well there’s just so much to do for it and shopping for the perfect engagement ring can be overwhelming. If price is not a question for you when buying the ring, we’ve curated a list of World’s top luxury jewellers for engagement rings which your fiancé will love. You can thank us later!

1. Tiffany & Co.


Undoubtedly the most famous of all jewellery brands out there. Tiffany & Co. was founded in 1837 andwas a ‘stationery and fancy goods emporium’ initially in Brooklyn, New York City. Later, the company turned its focus to jewellery, and the rest is history. The little blue box might just be the perfect way to seal the deal.

Fun Fact: Tiffany is responsible for creating the most commonly used engagement ring setting- a solitaire diamond held with metal prongs. This design lets the maximum amount of light into the diamond while safely securing it.


2. Graff


British Jeweller has been in this business for over six decades and has world’s royalty and business tycoons among its customers. They make bespoke and one of a kind engagement rings which are extremely exclusive.

Fun Fact: Graff has handles more rare diamonds than any other jeweller, It also includes the Wittelsbach-Graff blue diamond.


Starting Price: $8100 onwards

3. Cartier


Cartier is the epitome of Parisian luxury with a long standing connection to royalty and celebrities, including Wallis Simpson, the Duchess of Cambridge and King Edward VII. Its promise ring is very popular among the millennials. However, it does have an exquisite range of solitaire diamond engagement rings.

Fun Fact: King Edward VII had commissioned 27 tiaras from Cartier for his coronation in 1902.


Starting Price: $3100 onwards

4. DeBeers

DeBeers are the reason why diamond engagement rings are the thing. While the tradition existed long before but it was made into an enduring tradition by them. It is known for creating the finest jewellery and takes a fresh take on classics.

Fun Fact: For the longest time DeBeers revolved around controversy as they held a near monopoly on the entire world’s diamond supply. They controlled this to their advantage by pushing the prices up to increase their profits. However, things are more fair now.


Starting Price: $2225 onwards

5. Harry Winston

Harry Winston is a favourite amongst America’s elite. The brand gained recognition after redesigning Arabella Huntington’s old fashioned jewels into modern pieces. Their engagement rings only possess the finest of the diamonds set in platinum. We’re drooling over the designs!

Fun Fact: Harry Winston’s engagement rings have been adorned by two of Donald Trump’s wives: Maria Marples who auctioned hers for $300,000 in 2016 and Melania Trump which costed around $1 million.


6. Van Cleef & Arpels

This Parisian jeweller is behind some of the biggest style icons in the world including Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly and the Duchess of Windsor Wallis Simpson. Their jewels such as bracelets and rings are often adorned by the millennials.

Fun Fact: Van Cleef created the ‘Mystery Setting’. It’s an innovative design where multiple stones are set with no visible prongs. It requires hours of work and extreme skill however the results are truly amazing.


7. Chopard


Chopard is a Swiss watchmaker and jeweller known for their modern and alternative style. Its signature free floating diamond behind glass is very popular amongst its watch and jewellery designs. Their selection of engagement rings balances traditional designs with unique takes.


8. Bvlgari


Well we can’t make a list of fine jewellery makers without mentioning the Italian brand Bvlgari. Making one of the most jaw dropping fine jewellery in the world, the brand is also admirable in their humanitarian credentials.

Fun Fact: Bvlgari selects it diamonds based not on 4C’s of a diamond, but 5C’s-colour, cut, clarity, carat and conflict free


9. Piaget


Piaget is a Swiss watchmaker-turned jeweller. Every stone used in Piaget jewellery is cut, polished and set by hand in their workshop. They have exquisite designs for diamond bands and you know you’re only getting best possible quality.

Fun Fact: Piaget only works with diamonds rated D to G in colour i.e. colourless or near colourless. The clarity of these diamonds areIF to VVS i.e internally flawless or very very slightly included in clarity.


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