Wear Skinny Jeans A Lot? Fall 2021 Trends To Watch Out For

Shopping for skinny jeans just got a lot easier. Read more to discover fashionable leg-hugging style trends for fall 2021.

We all have our denim drawer filled with a variety of silhouettes, but skinny jeans take up the bulk space. At this point, skinny jeans is pretty much a classic. There are many cuts and styles that cruise through the year (such as wide leg, baggy jeans etc), but we all gravitate towards skinny jeans. Much has been said about the end of the skinny jeans era, but it refuses to quit that easily. It is a constant for most of the girls. Isn’t it? Lets explore the biggest skinny jeans trend for 2021:

1. Dark-Wash Skinny Jeans

skinny jeans - thegoodwhims
Source: Basicstouch

This season dark-wash skinny jeans are quite trending. Colours such as black and dark blue are most popular. This kind of skinny jeans is very versatile and it goes with pretty much every cute top that you have in your closet. It’s perfect for your am to pm funk. You can style these with sneakers, stilettos or chunky loafers for the complete look.

2. Distressed Skinny Jeans

Distressed Skinny Jeans  -the good whims
Source: JLo

This style is my personal favourite. Even the fashion houses around the world have been gravitating towards the distressed jeans for the last few seasons. There are just so many types of distressed jeans that are available. From going for a low key and relaxed look to looking for a chic and sexy look, the right pair of distressed jeans does it all.

skinny jeans - the good whims
Source: Adriana

3. Washed Out Skinny Jeans

Washed Out Skinny Jeans - the good whims
Source: Jen_wonders

Classic black and blue jeans will always be staple, however, more washed out skinny jeans are also leaning towards the fall 2021 trend. It looks great in darker colours. To complete the look, add a pair of knee high boots with a cute sweater. Effortless yet chic.

4. Cropped Skinny Jeans

Cropped Skinny Jeans - the good whims
Source: Salome.mory

On the opposite side of the spectrum, the cropped skinny jeans has been quite the highlight lately. More and more girls are opting for a slightly cropped hem that exposes bare ankles. Its the ideal way to highlight those cute flats or your sneakers.

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