How To Rent Clothes- A Beginner’s Guide To Rental Fashion

All the tips and tricks before you get started.

Rental fashion is undoubtedly on the rise. As people are becoming more aware about the harmful impact of the production of clothes on our planet, more and more people are becoming conscious. Many of us are trying to shop less, buy better or sometimes turn to rental rather than buying something new. Rentals allow you to affordably experiment with your style, additionally its also a sustainable choice.

Lately many rental platforms have emerged and fashion houses are also getting a piece of action by investing in the idea. However, if you’ve never used the platform before, the entire process can be definitely daunting. So lets walk you through all the tips and tricks because owning clothes is so last year.

What are Clothing Rental Services?

Clothing rental services allow you to rent one or several items for an occasion or an event. These platforms usually carry a bunch of brands and you can browse the clothes by categories, labels or style and find an item that fits your budget. The cost of these services vary greatly depending upon which labels you choose and for what duration. Many of these platforms also offer subscriptions and memberships.

How long before the event should you use the service?

Depending upon the occasion, you can select a delivery date of your choice. Pro Tip: We recommend you getting a day or two before you need so that you have plenty of time to try it. Also, it avoids any last minute stress!

If your’e worried about the fit, many of the rental platforms offer policies where you can return it the next day and receive part-refund and part in-store credit to rent something else.

How do you choose which clothes to rent?

If you’re renting for the first time, its a good idea to look at brands you already know and have used prior. Thus, you would know the sizing, their fit and would know exactly what to expect. Alternatively, if you feel like experimenting and need inspiration, stalk Instagram profiles of these platforms. They usually have a community of people and influencers who style their rentals differently.

What happens if you ruin or lose an item?

As a renter, the platforms expect you to treat the rented items as your own. However, accidents can happen. Most of the platforms have a bare minimal Damage Protection add-on. Its advisable you buy it to give you peace of mind and to cover any damage or stains that you run into.

What are some of the Famous Clothing Rental Platforms?

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Rent the Runway

This US-based rental platform has disrupted the fashion industry. It has changed the way women get dressed forever by creating the world’s first ‘closet in the cloud’. Launched in 2009, this brand now has millions of users and is very well known.

Price: Membership starts at $69/month for 8 items, one-time dress rentals start at $30.

Ships to: USA and Canada


Glam Corner is a Sydney based rental platform which aims to create a modern and simple fashion experience. The platform has successfully created a personal fashion experience for women who are passionate about experiencing quality designer wear. Both easy on the wallets and on the environment, wonderful isn’t it?

Price: Membership starts at AUD99/month for 3 items, one-time dress rentals start at AUD39.

Ships to: Worldwide

Hurr Collective

Hurr is a tech-first platform with thousands of renters and lenders building a smart solution for fashion. It’s changing the behaviours of fashion lovers and believes that everyone should have access to high fashion. This peer-to-peer platform is giving lenders to monetise their pieces and renters the chance to shine in them at a fraction of their original price.

Price: One-time dress rentals start at £20.

Ships to: Worldwide


Rotaro has quickly become a cult label fashion rental platform. While we don’t realise it, but there’s a lot of carbon foot print generated in transporting goods from one location to another. In order to offset this, it has partnered with Ecologi, a leading social enterprise to plant trees. For each rental it plants a tree, and for each new association, it plants a thicket.

Price: One-time dress rentals start at £35.

Ships to: UK


Circos is a rental subscription platform for maternity and children’s wear. Its a UK based online shop founded with the mission to decrease wastage in this segment. We all know how short-lived are the clothes for pregnant women and new born babies.

Price: Starts at EUR 19,50/month

Ships to: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, and the UK.


Armoire is a rental subscription platform that curates styles with help of its algorithm and stylists. All you need to do is take up a quiz. It has thousands of high-end styles for you to choose from.

Price: Memberships starts at $69

Ships to: US


Rntr. is the first clothing rental service that allows you to rent directly from your favourite brands. This Australian brand has empowered brands to offer their own rental service. It enables them to maintain high quality products that are accessible to more consumers through rental. It consistently allows people to refresh their wardrobes whilst reducing the waste that ends up in the landfills.

Price: 15%-30% of RRP

Ships to: Australia