Best Of 80’s Fashion Trends-It May Be Back Again

Obsessed with 80’s fashion pictures? Its back.

When thinking of 1980’s women’s fashion, the words ‘big and bright’ surely sums it up. As a millennial kid, I have always been very intrigued by 80’s fashion trends. My mother’s photo albums have just left me gawking at her pictures. Clearly it was a decade of big hair, shoulder pads, acid wash jeans and eye-straining fabric colours and patterns. Even though that decade hadn’t influenced our wardrobes, however, lately most trends are courtesy the ’80s.

This era gave rise to more style idols than any other time period before. Despite no cell phones or internet, celebrities and band artists exerted significant influence on the lives of an average person.

What clothes were fashionable in the 1980’s?

The hottest 1980’s women’s fashion included high waisted jeans, leg warmers, ripped jeans, acid wash denims. Business suits with skirts had become extremely popular. Statement shoulder tops with ruffles or pads ruled across. Lets explore some ideas which are back again and are very wearable.

1. Bodysuit

Bodysuit - thegoodwhims

How to style now: This classic Madonna ’80s look is relevant even today. You can wear it with a pair of high waisted jeans and forgo the chunky pearls.

2. Turtlenecks

Turtlenecks - thegoodwhims

How to style now: Back in the ’80s, Brooke Shields was America’s number one sweetheart with her girl-next-door-looks. Layering checked jacket over a shirt or a turtle neck is the kind of street style we witnessed during Paris Fashion Week

3. See-through Layers

See-through Layers - thegoodwhims

How to style now: The Kardashians have already got this look nailed and it’s all over the spring runways. This style was originated by Kim Basinger.

4. Oversized Denim Jacket

Oversized Denim Jacket - thegoodwhims

How to style now: Sarah Jessica Parker has always been the one to push fashion boundaries even before sex and the city. We are so loving this oversized denim jacket and it has become a uniform for us millennials round the year.

1. Corset Belt

Corset Belt - thegoodwhims

Kim Kardashian has lately made the corset-type look wildly popular. Although Cyndi Lauper may have started this trend back in ’80s.

2. Chunky Accessories

Chunky Accessories - thegoodwhims

Chunky pearls and neon plastic bangles ruled the ’80s. These were wildly popular and was rocked by pretty much everyone!

3. Stockings

Stockings - thegoodwhims

Debbie Harry has given us a lot of trends. In the ’80s her little back dress accessories with sheer stockings caught a lot of eyes. And incase you didn’t know, these stockings are back in fashion!

4. Geek Chic Glasses

Geek Chic Glasses - thegoodwhims
Source: Getty Images

Chic geek glasses are pretty common now, but it was during the ’80s that the trend really took off. Although right now we commonly see metal frames, however, we hope that coloured frames like the one worn by Jane Fonda here will make a comeback.

What shoes were worn in the 80s?

The trendiest shoes in this era included colour block sneakers, chunky boots, medium heeled pumps, moccasins and the classic Vans slip ons. Fitness had become a craze in this decade. Athletes like Michael Jordan popularised sneakers and high tops which helped sneakers become a part of street style.


Obsessed with Madonna’s fashion style? Growing up most of us have searched for Madonna 80’s fashion on the internet, she was undoubtedly the 80s fashion icon. Like her music, she was known to push the boundaries and reinvent her style statement. She had a wild and alluring persona in eye catching designer clothing and jewellery pieces. We just can’t have enough of Madonna’s fashion pictures from that era.

Princess Diana

The most celebrated personality from the British Monarchy, Princess Diana became an icon in the 1980s. Her style was elegant and influenced millions of women around the world. Be it Diana’s casual street style (which btw is still very popular on pinterest!) or her military influenced outfit, she rocked the fashion world.


Cher is an American singer and actress who was wildly popular for her bold style statements in the ’80s. As if we needed proof that she was the ultimate style queen, she was doing the naked dress long before everyone was doing it at the Met Gala.

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