Did It Really Happen?Climate Protestor Crashes Louis Vuitton’s Fashion Show

Louis Vuitton’s show at the last day of Paris Fashion Week oozed drama, and not just via its collection. Climate activist from the Extinction Rebellion stormed the runway of Louis Vuitton’s show to denounce the industry’s impact on the environment.

The guests were gathered around to set sights on their new collection- one inspired by “leading the countdown and staying one step ahead. The transformative creative fusion of generations,”. Amidst the models walking, the activist climbed the podium at Louvre Art Gallery and held the banner reading “Overconsumption=extinction”.

Fashion is not only about walks and red carpets. The industry has a very dark side to it- pollution and miserable working conditions. Extinction Rebellion, Friends of the Earth and Youth For Climate said in a statement that about 30 people were involved in organising the protest. They called out the government to enforce an immediate reduction in production and stated that 42 garments were sold per person in France alone in 2019.