How To Style Knee-High Boots This Season

There’s something for everyone’s style.

As much as we enjoy the warm summer months in our floral dresses, sunglasses and cute flip flops, you can’t beat autumn and winter fashion. With fall around the corner, it’s time you start digging out your coziest pieces, winter layers and the boots! Lets discover some key ways to style knee-high boots this season.

Fashion trends come and go, but few pieces in your wardrobe are forever. The thigh-high and over the knee boots have ruled for the last few seasons, however, the knee-high boot is firmly back in the trend. This is great news as they’re much easier to pair with. You can simply pick out a classic shirt dress or a staple skirt, even the little black dress and pair with your humble knee high boots. Pro Tip: Invest in a staple forever shoe(we promise you’ll be wearing them for years to come) and stay away from trend-led styles.

However, versatility doesn’t mean boring. You can choose from classic style to slim heel to many colourful adaptations. So read on to know how to style knee high boots this season.

Slim Heel Knee Boots

Much like their shorter counterparts, a slim heel knee high boot is the perfect way to add the dress spin to your look. You can wear it with your summer dress or jumper or jeans.

Slouchy Knee Boots

The beauty of the knee high boot is that it can be styled with absolutely everything. The slouchy knee boots are a key trend this season and a neutral colour will just be a staple in your wardrobe. No matter what your aesthetic is, these boots will go on easily over both jeans and bare legs. You can take inspiration from Hailey Beiber who often teams up her boots with super-short hemline for a relaxed yet glamorous finish.

Bold Print Knee Boots

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If you have more of a statement making style, opting for a bold print on your boots will ensure you don’t go unnoticed. Something timeless like a zebra print or a leopard print never truly goes out of style. Additionally it adds that extra oomph to any outfit.

Flat Knee Boots

If its your first time trying out knee high boots this autumn, opting for a flat boots is a great way to start. Well not every one is brave enough or comfortable enough in a heel, isn’t it? Opt for a colour like black which is more formal and goes with everything or a brown which is a tad bit on the causal side. Although both these colours are extremely versatile.

Metallic Knee Boots

For this who like bold looks, prints aside, there are other ways to be bold with your autumn ensemble. Ground your evening look with statement footwear such as metallic toned boots. Personally we love this and give a full nod to party season with these knee-high metallic boots. Although, some may think this finish should be reserved for evenings only. However, we think this will give fun spin to your daytime ensemble. So let’s have some fun this autumn!

Rubber Knee Boots

For days when the weather is less than delightful and you still want to look like sunshine, slip into rubber boots and strut out. Add a little bit of edge to your feminine dresses and the skirts with its relic fit and chunky sole. Additionally, the wonderful thing about these Ganni boots are that its vegan and have covered cost to make its carbon foot print natural.

Light Coloured Knee Boots

Investing in a lighter colour is great way to elevate your winter wardrobe. Most of all our winter clothes often tend to be made up of a darker colour palette and teaming up light colour knee boot simply changes the whole look and feel. A nude or a beige option is a great way to make it more causal and you can easily wear it in the warmer spring season. Wear yours from day to night with skinny jeans, mini-midi skirts or even under long-midi dresses.

Textured Knee Boots

Different textures are a great investment in knee-high boots. They are both unique and timeless. The intriguing materials make up for an elevated take on the classic knee high boots. Crocodile leather or crocodile embossed leather is a timeless option. It can be worn from autumn dresses and skirts to simple skinny denims.

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