Are Juices Really Healthier Than Smoothies?

If you persist in drinking your fruits and vegetables, you must know the difference.

Cold pressed juices have recently become a trend. They’re expensive, they’re healthier and have the need to be consumed fresh.

But how different is a juice from a smoothie, really? 

Are juices really healthier than smoothies?

Are juices really healthier than smoothies?

What’s the difference between a juice and a smoothie?

A smoothie is made by blending tiny pieces of fruits, vegetables or other ingredients with liquid. However, juice is only the liquid portion of the fruit or vegetable. While typically juicing machines mash the fruit and then separate the juice from the pulp. So you drink the juice, and throw out the pulp. 

How do juices and smoothies differ, nutritionally?

Smoothies contain everything that was present in the fruit or vegetable. Thus, nutritionally speaking, drinking a smoothie is equal to eating fruit or vegetables. However, the nutrition you derive from a smoothie depends on what you add in it. In case you’re adding sugar, honey or juice to it, you can wind up with something that’s high calorie and full of sugar. 

In contrast, juices are considered to be full of vitamins and phytonutrients. However, unfortunately all the fiber is removed from the fruits and vegetables. Since, fiber is removed, it ends up being a more concentrated source of sugar than the original fruit or vegetable. It may also be less filling. 

If you’re choosing between a juice and a smoothie with similar ingredients, juice is always going to be the healthier option. People who are into juicing may argue that the cold pressed juice has benefits of vitamins and antioxidants. Even if true, smoothie gives you the same benefit, plus the fiber!

It is completely okay to drink a juice if it makes you happy, but none of their supposed benefits amount to advantages over eating a whole fruit or blending a smoothie. 

Why is juicing trending?

Sometimes expensive things become a trend. I’m convinced that juicing is solely trending because it’s a statement, a social status symbol and because so many celebrities are doing it! So drinking it regularly makes you fancy and special! So much for the health benefits. 

If you’re actually looking to gain nutritional benefits, the best way is by eating fruit or vegetables. If you still insist on drinking it, a smoothie is the best way to go ahead.