Love Having Sugary Things? Think Again. Effects of sugar on skin, body & mind

All things sugar & spice is not always nice!

Effects of sugar on skin, body & mind

By now, we all know sugar is not doing any good to your body. We’ve all heard the harmful effects of sugar. Many diet and fitness plans have got derailed by a midnight binge. Many people rely on packaged food for quick meals and snacks, quickly adding up to the calories. Not everyone knows that packaged food generally contains a lot of sugar. An excessive intake of sugar is not just a blow to your diet plans. It creates unhealthy eating patterns and plummets energy levels in the middle of the day for no apparent reason. 

Let’s individually analyze what excessive sugar does to your skin, brain & mood.


Does your skin feel dull and fatigued or prone to sudden acne? The most likely culprit for it is the sugar in your diet. Effects of sugar on your skin may not be known to everyone. As told by Dr. Jamuna Pai in Vogue, our skin is made of collagen which is a type of protein. Collagen is essential for our skin to look healthy.  It keeps our skin soft and supple. Sugar converts these molecules to free radicals which get oxidised. This effect is very visible in our hair, nails, skin and overall energy level. In addition, excessive sugar causes early ageing and wrinkles. 

If you’re looking to reverse the effect of sugar, the first step would be to cut down or eliminate the culprit i.e. sugar. You can go for in-clinic treatments such as PRP or micro needling at a reputed clinic like Sadic Dermatology. Alternatively you can begin the intake of collagen supplements like Mav Nutrition’s Collagen Gummies.


The effects of sugar on the skin are very visible, the harm it does to the body may be more stealth. Sudden drop in energy, fatigue and unexplained cravings are some of the red signs. Most of the foods that contain high sugar lack nutrition. Thus, it gives you an instant energy boost but it doesn’t last long. This makes it difficult to even complete your daily chores. 

Also, high sugar intake will make you feel hungry all the time. The lack of fiber and other nutrition in your stomach makes you want to eat more to satisfy the hunger pangs. This ultimately leads to weight gain. You also end up making your body insulin resistant and prone to other health risks like heart diseases, type II diabetes. 


Effect of sugar is known to take a toll on your brain as well. In the human brain, excess sugar impairs cognitive skills and control. We often hear the term sugar rush. Technically speaking, sugar induces a drug-like effect in the reward center of the brain. This produces addiction-like effects causing them to lose self control and overeating. Excess sugar consumption causes inflammation of the brain which interferes in human’s ability to process emotions. This is how the concept of emotional eating has come into existence. 

Since sugar puts undue stress on our mind, body and skin; the obvious answer would be to completely eliminate it, right? No! The essential point here is to maintain a healthy balance. As Dr. Pai says, sugar in any form should not be more than 10% of your daily calorie intake. 

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