How to Set Up a Dessert Table?

Best tips and ideas to setting up a Dessert Table for parties at home.

Dessert table setups have become a signature display at weddings, bridal showers and baby showers. You can hardly see a party without an elaborate dessert display. Setting up a flawless display may look like a daunting task. But being realistic for the purpose of small celebrations and parties at home, lets discover simple dessert table setup ideas that are a bit more achievable.

1. Wisely Choose Your Space

You can place your dessert table against a plain wall or a window with a view. Make sure there’s plenty of space and easy access from most if not all angles, so that your guests can admire all aspects and desserts of the table. Your guests are most likely to take their time to take in all of beauty of this place. We know deciding which dessert to take is often a tough process (sigh!).

2. Balance the Colours

Its important to harmonise the colours within your dessert table design. Choose colours which can either form a gradient (ombre), or compliment each other. In my opinion sticking to pastels is the best and the safest way to make your dessert table look pretty.

Pastel colour table cloth harmoniously used with white dessert display stands

For instance at a champagne party where you’ll be serving lots of chocolates, go for a cappuccino or a bright yellow coloured table cloth. For an all pink candy and dessert buffet, go for a pastel or a bright pink coloured table cloth that lets all the colours stand out. Choosing anything with stripes or a design would just undermine the beauty of the desserts.

3. Put a Backdrop

Try and create a frame for your dessert table with a backdrop. Get creative with it, you can use curtains, balloon bouquets, wall decor or a simple printed frame. It really steps up the composition of the table and creates beautiful pictures.

4. Height is essential

If you ever closely observe any dessert table, you’ll notice that each dessert element is placed with a lot of thought. There’s a certain high-low design moving across the table to create drama with dessert display stands such as trays, tiered platters, bowls and tall apothecary jars. These will make your candies, cupcakes, cake pops and chocolates look even more delectable.

Dessert table setup
Source: Pinterest

Please ensure that you don’t set everything flat on the table (biggest put off factor)! If you don’t have all the necessary platters, use bowls turned upside down or boxes to put plates to add height. The easiest way to add height is start in the back and add varying rows!

5. Serve Mini Desserts

Dessert table setup
Mini desserts

Mini desserts such as cupcakes, cake pops, tarts and other small bites make the dessert table look exotic. They’re fun to display on cupcake stands, platters, dessert display stands and if you can get creative then use candelabras too! Make the creative side in you rise and shine when creating a dessert table.

6. ID your desserts

Even if you think that your guests can tell which dessert is which, its always lovely to name the desserts. Its just another chance for you to get creative. Design beautiful cards with elegant italic fonts printed on paper matching your table. Tie these cards with colourful ribbons around each bowl or jar.

Now that we’ve covered the basic Do’s and Don’ts of a dessert display table, lets go over to the frequently asked questions related to it:

How many desserts do I need for a dessert table?

The standard rule for dessert bars is that each guest should get 2-3 pieces of dessert even if you are serving the cake.

How many items should be there in a dessert table?

A good thumb rule to follow is 1 or 2 really exotic items (its absolutely fine if you buy them) and 2-3 home made desserts and 2-3 candy items (these can be bought too!) So just pick a few really delicious looking desserts and wisely arrange them around the table.

How to create a backdrop for the dessert table?

Well you can use a plain wall or a window as a background and put balloon bunches on either side. You can hang metallic foil curtains behind or add some net cloth and tda!