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How to Buy Affordable Cake Stand Online?

Whether you’re a baker or are just looking to serve the desserts to your guests, you can’t go wrong with a cake stand. There’s no better way to show off your baked good than a beautiful cake stand. A plain white ceramic cake stand or a three tier one, there are just innumerable options available to showcase your work on the ‘gram. A good looking’ cake stand transforms simple sweets into delectable desserts. Gone are the days when they would just be available at hi-end stores or bakeries. If you are looking to buy a cake stand online, you’ve come to the right page. I have listed some of my favourite cake stands available online:

1. Wood Server Base with Glass Lid

This is a stunning cake stand with a solid acacia wood platform and a clear glass dome. The base is wide enough to effortlessly fit most standard round cakes. Its sophisticated and elegant and something you can put to use everyday. Apart from cakes, you can use it to put muffins, cupcakes and a pizza too! Pretty versatile, isn’t it?

2. Glass Cake Stand with Dome

This smooth glass cake stand with a beautiful curved dome is a timeless stand. Its a sight for sore eyes but not overbearing. It works well with all kinds of table decor or interiors. its ideal for storing cakes, muffins, cupcakes or any kind or desserts. I don’t recommend displaying savouries on this kind of a cake stand.

3. Acrylic Cake Stand with Dome

If you’re looking for a budget friendly alternative to glass, this acrylic cake stand is a great substitute. It has a modest pedestal, tall platform and clear dome cover. It looks like real glass, only much lighter and easy to handle. So if you’re as clumsy as I am, this works great as its unlikely to break if it drops.

Additionally, thanks to its multifunctional design, you can use the dome as a punch bowl, chip and dip plate or as a holiday centrepiece. Just flip it over and you’re good to go.

4. 3-Tier Dessert Stand

This unique pillar style stand has three tiered platforms with variable diameters. It works best with multiple cakes, pastries, cookies, cupcakes etc. Its a uniquely designed cake stand which offers a classy and versatile appeal even though its made in plastic. Use this at your next dinner party and be sure to be flooded with compliments.

5. Resin Cake Stand

If you’re looking for something which is modern and trendy, these resin cake stands are sure to catch your eye. It comes in delicious looking colours and can be used as the perfect centrepiece for your dessert table.

6. Cake Stand with Metal Serving Tray

If you’re looking something with lesser or no height, this cake stand is a great option. It comes in beautiful hues and is perfect for using on everyday basis. Add flair to your breakfast by serving your sandwich in it or just use it to store some fruits or muffins. Pretty versatile eh?

7. Marble Cake Stand with Dome

Add flair to your kitchen with this beautiful solid marble cake stand with dome. Use it for desserts or make it as a cheese platter, innumerable options are there. It works best for brunches and lunches or with cocktail and wine parties.

With so many options available for cake stands, its hard to just buy one. However, if you’re still confused about it, here are some faq’s about it to ease your purchase. Hope it helps!

How do I choose a cake stand?

A cake stand should ideally be the same size or probably little bigger than your cake. If you’re a baker, make sure that it matches your existing baking tray or cake tin. Preferably get cake stands made of metal or wood if you intend to keep heavy cakes on it.

Do you put cake directly on the cake stand?

It is not recommended cutting directly on your cake as it might leave knife marks on the stands. Most cakes come with a cardboard base which is a perfect liner for your cake stand. If nothing, use doily paper to put underneath the cake.

Do we need a cake stand?

Needing a cake stand is totally a personal call. If you’re concerned that your cake will not stay put or may not look nice, well a cake stand has nothing to it. However, when a cake is placed on a cake stand, it looks just so much better. It increases the appeal of the cake, doesn’t it? I personally find it as a great investment as it can be repeatedly used for birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions.

What are the other uses of a cake stand?

Cake stands are not just for cakes. They have a bunch of other uses. You can use it for stacking other desserts, or as decorative elements. Creativity is the limit here.

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