How To Tie A Tie? A Step-By-Step Guide

Unsure how to tie a tie? Follow these easy instructions on how to tie a knot.

Are you constantly trying to find someone at a party who can tie a tie for you? Millennials, raise your hand if you don’t know how to tie a knot or have struggled with it? Whether business or social events, certain outfits look better with a tie. Well, I personally last wore a tie when I was in my school. However, I have seen my husband struggle with it every time he has to wear one. And so I decided, let me help out all men and women who struggle with their ties. Here’s an easy way to tie a tie.

How to Tie a Full Windsor Knot

How To Tie A Tie?
Full Windsor Knot

How many of you have seen Suits and have drooled over Harvey’s sexy suits? They would be so incomplete without the tie. The full Windsor knot is a polished triangle shape perfect for offices, presentations and job interviews. Because of its wide appearance, this knot looks best with a spread-collar shirt. You may think that its a complicated affair to make this knot, but you can accomplish this without much difficulty.

STEP 1: Raise the shirt collar and drape the tie around the neck with the wide end extending about 12 inches on the right side.  

STEP 2: Cross the wide part of the tie over the narrow part.

STEP 3: Pull the wide end up through the opening at the neck and then down. 

STEP 4: Pass the wide end underneath and to the right of the narrow part with the wrong side facing out. 

STEP 5: Cross the wide part over and to the left of the narrow part with the front side facing out. 

STEP 6: Pull the wide end up through the opening at the neck.

STEP 7: Bring it down with the loop in the front.

STEP 8: Holding the thinner part with one hand, slide the knot carefully up toward the collar with the other hand until snug. Lower the collar.

How To Tie A Tie?

How to Tie a Half Windsor Knot

Half Windsor Knot - How To Tie A Tie?
Half Windsor Knot

Not a fan of wide knots? There’s the half Windsor knot which is sleeker in comparison. It works best with any kind of tie and any dress shirt. Here are few simple instructions to put together the half Windsor knot easily.

STEP 1: Cross the wider part over the narrow part. 

STEP 2: Cross the wider part behind the narrow part so the wrong side is facing out. 

STEP 3: Bring the wider end up and over to the left. 

STEP 4: Pull it through the opening at the neck so its on wrong side out to the right. 

STEP 5: Bring the wider end over the narrow part from right to left with the correct side facing up. 

STEP 6: Bring the wider end up through the neck loop again.

STEP 7: When bringing it down, insert it through the loop.

STEP 8: Adjust the knot by sliding it upward.

STEP 9: Lower the shirt collar.


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