Top 10 Thanksgiving Traditions In The US

From Thanksgiving ‘me’ time to post feast nap.

The most wonderful time of the year in the US is almost here! Time for food, family, friends, being thankful and Christmas! Yay! The holiday season embarks with Thanksgiving. It is one of the biggest holidays in the US. People across the country gather together and celebrate unique thanksgiving traditions. We’ve all heard of the thanksgiving traditional food and games and how people reflect on all the things they’re grateful for. But there’s so much more to do than this, Thanksgiving is celebrated in a variety of ways. We’ve curated a list of things which will help you start your own American Thanksgiving tradition:

Watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

My recollection of watching Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade goes back to the sitcom Friends (millennials, you know what I’m talking about). The parade is equally relevant even today and is one of the most famous holiday traditions in the United States. In New York, many people line up on the streets to watch giant inflatable balloons that float between the skyscrapers.

Break the wishbone for good luck

This is another recollection we all millennials have of Thanksgiving Traditions from the sitcom Friends, breaking the Y-shaped bone wishbone for good luck. It may sound silly, but it’s a real thing! After carving the turkey, the wishbone is set aside to dry. Superstition says, two people break the wishbone and whoever ends up with bigger piece is said to have their wish come true. Worth a try, right? It could be a small family tradition that you could start.

Have a traditional Thanksgiving meal

A traditional Thanksgiving Day meal is a must: roast turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy and sweet potatoes and sprouts. The finisher is the pumpkin pie for dessert.

Take a nap

After an afternoon filled with cooking and eating delicious food, many retreat to the couch for a mid-day nap. Turkey is well known as the culprit of this sudden onset of sleepiness, with its high levels of the amino acid tryptophan. While tryptophan is known to help release chemicals like melatonin (which makes you drowsy), it’s not entirely the turkey’s fault. Eating other foods that are high in sugar (like pie) also increase your tiredness. But with all the business of the holiday, everyone deserves some rest!

Share what you’re most thankful for

Thanksgiving is a perfect time to reflect on the year alongside family and friends. Whether it’s during the meal or while relaxing later in the day, go around the room and share something you’re especially grateful for. It’s wonderful to hear everyone talk about their favorite moments and experiences from the previous year.

Watch an American football game

Football is one of the most popular sports to watch in the US. Families and friends gather around to watch their favourite teams compete. Some even split into teams and play the game themselves to burn off some of those Thanksgiving calories.

Be grateful for Friendsgiving

We all know the importance of having friends in our lives. Since most people celebrate Thanksgiving with their families, many people have started a new tradition ‘Friendsgiving’ where they celebrate over a meal prior to travelling home to join family.

Run a Turkey Trot

Thanksgiving is now the most popular race day in America. The name is derived from the turkey, the typical centrepiece of Thanksgiving dinner. From 5K fun runs to half marathons, these races bring out people in local communities. Fin way to burn the calories consumer during the Thanksgiving meal right?

Shop till you drop on Black Friday

Its the day we all wait for, isn’t it? Thanksgiving Thursday is followed by the biggest sale day, Black Friday. It’s pretty much a holiday in itself. People line up outside the stores early (although we millennials use e-commerce right?) to catch hold of great discounts for their Christmas Shopping.

Giving back

Holidays call for being grateful for what you have. But also, it calls for the spirit of giving and helping others. Many communities across the country hold food drives that collect food for those in need. A lot of them also host Thanksgiving dinner for the less fortunate so that they can enjoy a nice warm meal on this day.

Now that you have a bucket list for Thanksgiving Traditions, try some of these with family or friends.

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