Unique Ideas to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Ideas so good that she’ll love you a little more.

Valentine’s Day is almost around the corner. Are you still looking for ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day? While some show their loved ones how much they mean to them throughout the year, for others they dedicate Valentine’s Day to treat them real special.

It can be difficult for most people to come up with ideas and select gifts for Valentine’s Day, specially if you’re extra romantic. Rest assured, we’ve come up with the best ways for the special lady in your life. Some prefer gifts in the form of a romantic breakfast or a dinner date, while others may prefer jewellery, poem or an experience. So lets explore some of the best ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

1. Valentine’s Day Poem

I am a sucker for handwritten notes or messages. Theres always something so romantic about it. Don’t you think so? Whether you’re a word wizard or you can pen down your thoughts to paper, writing something special is the most sentimental gift that you can give. Go over to the good guys at Etsy and they’ll help you out with it.

Valentine's Day Gift
You and Me Personalised Love Poem for Him for Her, from $10.98, Etsy 

2. Valentine’s Day Movie Night

A cosy night in snuggling up at home and streaming a romantic Valentine’s Day movie on Netflix. Ahh! Sounds pretty perfect to me. Make sure you have wine and some popcorn and a scented candle ready to make it a romantic movie date. There are plenty of movies that you can binge on. You can go for classics like The Notebook (2004), Bridget Jones Diary (2001), 50 First Dates (2004) or enjoy new favourites like Crazy Rich Asians (2018).

3. Valentine’s Day Decor

We all live a fast paced life. Its nice to slow down once in a while and celebrate special days. If you’re looking to do a little bit of DIY Decor, here are some inspirations which are easy to execute to surprise your mi amor.

4. Valentine’s Date Night

A romantic date night is going to make her very happy. It could be in a secluded place under the starry sky or at her favourite restaurant. If you want to make it more special, arrange some music and slow dance to her favourite song. Dreamy right?

5. Valentine’s Day Gift

Nothing says I love you like a beautiful gift. There are so many ways to spoil your favourite girl. You can pick between naughty lingerie to comfy PJs, jewellery, homeware, sneakers or bags (to name a few things duh!). Depending upon your budget, the options are pretty endless.

Valentine's Day Gift
Nike Dunk Low ‘Valentine Treatment’

You’ll be surprised to know, for Valentines day 2022, Nike will launch a new collection for women including an exclusive Dunk Low with a ‘Valentine Treatment’. Looks like you found the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for her.

6. Valentine’s Day Breakfast

Valentine's Day Breakfast Ideas
Valentine’s Day Breakfast Ideas

How romantic would it be for you to cook a Valentine’s Day breakfast in bed for your partner. I’m sure they would specially love it! It doesn’t have to be something fancy, it could just be something easy. And if you’re an amateur in the kitchen, just order in (you’ll thank me later!). Believe me its the effort that you’re putting into it which is gonna make you earn the brownie points.

Today Valentine’s Day is all about love, hugs, kisses and gifts, but many people have loads of questions about this day. Lets explore some of them:

Why do we celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is names after the Catholic Priest Saint Valentine who lived in Rome in the 3rd Century. Legend has it that at the time many Romans were converting to Christianity but the ruling emperor has strict laws about it and prevented the soldiers from marrying. However, St. Valentine began to marry these soldiers in secret and was thrown in the jail when his crime was discovered. While imprisoned, Valentine cared for his fellow prisoners including his jailor’s blind daughter. The stories tell us that he cured the girl’s blindness and right before being executed on 14th February 270, he write her a love message signed ‘from your Valentine’.

Interesting huh? Never knew there was so much history behind Valentine’s Day.

What can you do at home for Valentine’s Day?

Well scroll up a little bit and you’ll find a couple of ideas there: Breakfast in bed, romantic movie night, cute Valentine’s Day decor. Yes they are that easy!

Is Valentine’s Day just for couples?

Well not really. Valentine’s Day is to celebrate love, now that can be anyone and everyone. It could be your boyfriend or girlfriend, friends, family, simply anyone!

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